Arctic Harvest Spirits

Solstice Shine Moonshine Whiskey
In April 2017 we created our debut spirit. Born from grain grown and malted under the midnight sun, Solstice Shine is an unaged, white whiskey that is smooth, young and wild. Drink it neat or add it to your favorite cocktail. Our favorite after a long day on the farm is a Moonshine Margarita! 
Moonlit Winter Malt Whiskey   
In May 2017 we filled our first barrel with Solstice Shine. The aging process in a new oak barrel will impart a more refined flavor and rich color, transforming this spirit from a moonshine into a malt whiskey. 
AK Northern Light Whiskey  
AK Northern Light Whiskey is distilled to a higher proof than traditional whiskey and aged in an oak barrel previously used to age our Moonlit Winter Malt Whiskey, which makes this whiskey light in both color and flavor.  
alaskan Honey 'Shine -coming Soon
Frozen Farmer Vodka is a crisp, clean vodka distilled from grain grown and malted under the midnight sun. 
Frozen Farmer Vodka 
Alaskan Honey 'Shine starts with Solstice Shine Moonshine Whiskey and is flavored with raw, local honey. 

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